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 Scars of Failing HearT - TYPECAST

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PostSubject: Scars of Failing HearT - TYPECAST   Sun Nov 26, 2006 3:16 pm

Scars of Failing HearT

Broken hopes fallen away
Dont you have something to say
Does it make u sleep?
Emptiness of words that you say
Scars in my heart that you left
Now im close to dying
Everything's failing with thoughts of you
Now am dying wthout knowing whats true
With the way you look at someone else
Everyone saying just try to be strong
How i wish that im just being wrong
Would you try to hear me out?
The mood of distraction's prevailing the night
Have you seen whats the best and whats right
Now your gone and your on your own
The ghost of my presence is saying goodbye
And ill die without making things right
And your gone and im on my own
Broken glass cut me to sleep
Wounds are disected so deep
I dont want to wake up
I need this blood to warm my hands
And you dont have to understand
You just got me all wrong

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Scars of Failing HearT - TYPECAST
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